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NiA Cleveland, also known as ‘Pooh Bear’ is a songwriter and artist from the Valdosta, Georgia area, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. The musician, NiA , is well-known. Because of her tenacious work ethic, she is a caring, direct, and vivacious person. She has been recognized for her talent across the board in the city for many years. She is quite talented at connecting with her audience and supporters. NiA is committed to creating the best music she can, wherever she is. “I am currently working on multiple things at the moment. I’m working on creating more videos and photoshoots. I also have one to three singles I’m finishing up recording and editing, a three song EP, and I’ve been pretty quiet about it but, I’ve also been working on an Album that will be coming sometime soon as well. Personally, if you’re going to be a supporter of my music, you must always #stay tuned. Always be on the lookout for something because I’m not stopping any time soon. I have a lot of music I want to put out, sometimes I wish I could all at once. However, as I stated, I do everything solo dolo now and being a slight perfectionist, I may not be able to get music out as quickly as others, but just know I’m always working on something. There’s definitely a lot more on the way and the next release will be my single titled, “1 of 1”. Coming soon!” NiA is continually striving to improve her work in order to attain the pinnacle of achievement. While maintaining her work ethic, NiA stated that her passion will always be a driving force in her life. People around her have a big influence on her, and she stays inspired.“To be honest, I’m tired of living the same day to day life. I’ve dealt with a lot of things mentally, emotionally and financially that I usually keep to myself. I’m ready for change to come into my life and this has been a passion of a mine for quite some time now. However, I’m finally ready to show the world NiA. I’m ready for the world to hear my music. I wish I would’ve believed and had much more confidence in myself sooner. However, I no longer choose to dwell on the past but focus entirely on the present moment and future. I’m currently and typically inspired by my life events and other artists putting out great music. It always inspires me to keep going, and make something great of my own. ” NiA is not only a talented and skilled artist with experience, but she is also a very knowledgeable artist. She believes that the power of her work will enable her to make a positive impact on the world and achieve greater degrees of professional success.

Where are you from?

So, usually when someone asks this question I typically say “I don’t claim anywhere”. Reason being is because I was an Air Force Military baby growing up so, my family moved around when I was younger. However, I was born in Valdosta, Georgia. We then moved to Ramstein, Germany (AFB) for four years, then to Minot, North Dakota (AFB) for six. Unfortunately in 2010 my parents split resulting in my Mom, sister and I moving to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the summer to stay with my Grandparents and Uncle. At the time my Mom came to Atlanta to find work, a place for us to stay and go to school. We officially then moved to Atlanta (closer to Marietta) in 2011 and have resided here since.

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

All I want is for people to love themselves enough to go after what they want for them. What I want them to know and take is, “don’t be afraid 2 fly”. That’s a small hint to something coming in the future I’m working on as well! However, don’t be afraid to risk putting yourself out there and going after what it is you love for YOU & YOUR life. Love yourself enough to put you first. You’re the only permanent person in your life, so always choose you. There’s almost 8 billion people on this Earth, you simply just cannot allow yourself to be limited by the thoughts of what others think or you’ll never get anywhere. Enjoy it while you’re here. Trust your intuition, & do everything to your best ability. Have faith and follow your dreams because “faith without works is dead”. Everything you desire will eventually come true as long as you’re willing to put in the work and believe it will happen. Be consistent and do not trust everyone. They only can take from you what you allow.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are at?

Working with and trusting people who didn’t have my best intentions, getting scammed, growing a support team/supportive audience, and funding everything myself after falling out with a previous “manager”. I’d say those have been the main couple of obstacles I’ve faced but, I didn’t let them stop me though. Still have a long way to go but I’m still learning and growing everyday. As I do I continue to realize the more I release the more exposure I do receive, such as doing this lovely article for #Focuseddd! I’m honestly so grateful to have any platform willing to support and show my talent to the world. That’s love.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

My Granddad, Mom, Just Joey (R.I.P), and J. Cole of course.

As a result of NiA’s reputation in the music industry, her content keeps growing. Her overall career has been impacted by this in that she has organized and taken part in numerous different projects with others. NiA is a popular musician who has a bright future ahead of her. Even though in the real world things do not always go as planned, NiA never gives up. “I decided to change how I face my struggles now and no longer respond to them in anger. Music has helped a tremendous ton because it’s like therapy. I’m a pretty reserved person, so music really helps me vent out a lot of my worries, problems, fears, opinions, thoughts, and feelings that I normally wouldn’t speak about to anyone else. I’ve also done lots and lots of crying, praying, and taking life to the chin and leaving the rest to God. He’s helped by giving me the strength and showing me the signs on how to overcome a lot of internal and external battles. My Mom, sister, one close friend (Jasmine), and any supportive person who’s took their time just to let me know, ‘to keep going, you have a special unique gift and to never give up on it no matter what anyone tries to tell you’, has helped me overcome many struggles as well.” NiA has her sights set on the top and is dedicated to her goals.

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