Getting To Know Entrepreneur, Jordan Lee Walker ‘The Great’

Posted On: October 31, 2023


Born in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, then planted his roots in Dallas, Texas, embracing its dynamic spirit, Jordan Lee Walker ‘The Great’, is a business owner, and entrepreneur. Jordan built his business on his great skills and love for what he did. He works hard to get to the top and do well in everything he does now and in the future. He is driven at work by his desire to make a change not just in Missouri and Dallas, but also in other parts of the country. Jordan talks about his work. “My focus has been on nurturing The Plughub Network—a beacon for professional connectivity. Think of it as a melting pot of opportunity, encompassing Plughub+ and the Plughub Marketplace. We’re not just building another platform; we’re pioneering a movement, shaping the very fabric of how communities engage and collaborate. At my core, I’m an individual who thrives on connections and relationships. My approach to life is simple: embrace every interaction with positivity, ensuring that each encounter resonates with authenticity and warmth.”

As an overall talented and diverse person, Jordan remains consistent and always has projects coming up. “When I look at the world, I see potential—a canvas ripe for change. My driving force? The ambition to craft a future where entrepreneurs, especially those juggling the responsibilities of family, aren’t just surviving but thriving in harmony. I envision a landscape where ambition and family values walk hand in hand.” The multi creative entrepreneur aims to make a statement with his current and future projects and uses his inspiration as a powerful force moving forward. Jordan is known to be a hardworking individual, and he has been positively inspiring others to become better. He leads by example, and has great precision and consistency as a multifaceted individual.

As a business owner, how have you overcome obstacles to be where you are at?

As a business owner, the biggest obstacles I’ve faced are ensuring that the essence of The Plughub Network remains consistent while evolving and adapting to changing trends and market demands. Balancing innovation with staying true to our core values is a daily endeavor.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, we’re working on expanding The Plughub Network to other cities, aiming to replicate the success and community impact we’ve achieved in Dallas. Additionally, we’re developing new features for Plughub+ to make networking even more seamless and effective. I’m particularly excited about “Green Wall Street 3” happening this summer. Touted as the most anticipated event of the year in Dallas, it’s the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking more exposure. If you’re an entrepreneur or even if you have a family and are considering a fun day out, the atmosphere will be festive. So, mark your calendars and join us; it promises to be a fantastic experience!

Jordan explained that the motivation came from seeing the success of his work and also not giving up. “The primary struggle was building my family simultaneously while establishing my business without a support system. This challenge forced us to create a village composed of others who shared our aspirations and encountered similar struggles. This village became not just a support system but an extended family, reinforcing the idea that sometimes the best families are the ones we build.” Jordan has worked with many different people to reach different goals, and he has always done a good job. He works well with others and talks about people who have been important in his life. ‘My wife chaisten is #1 my biggest supporter.’

Jordan explains that this was a major motivation in his life and gives a piece of advice for others to take back. “Begin by crafting your brand, even if every detail isn’t clear yet. Dive in wholeheartedly; it’s better to be immersed now and adjust later than to stand at the edge, contemplating the leap. Those who take the initiative today will be strides ahead next year, while others are just starting. As the saying goes, the ideal time to plant a tree was two decades ago, but the next best moment is right now.”

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