Cartier Women’s Initiative – Improving Lives, Creating Opportunities & Protecting the Planet

From its 2007 edition, there are15 years of the Cartier Women’s initiative. They have always been focused on recognizing the impact of former participants whose businesses have caused positive change.

The Nigerian Temie Giwa-Tubosun has a company that is responsible for distributing health products using big data to identify needs in different hospitals in her country. Nneka Mobisson has developed an electronic platform that offers access to virtual toilets – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – for people suffering from chronic diseases in South Africa.

Rasha Rady uses artificial intelligence to order, schedule and ship routine medications to patients in Egypt. The three have been the winners of one of the categories of the Cartier Women’s Initiative 2022, which recognizes companies that improve people’s lives.

They have not been the only ones who have celebrated the cash prize (100,000 dollars for the first, 60,000 for the second and 30,000 for the third) of this edition, which has also recognized six other projects; three in the Protecting the Planet categories and three in Creating Opportunities: companies that offer packaging made from leftover sheep wool, fences built from plastic waste, or toys made from yak wool, purchased directly from shepherds in their native region in China.

This Cartier initiative, owned by the Richemont group, has been supporting women entrepreneurs around the world since 2006, both financially and with social and human capital. For this occasion, he wanted to celebrate the positive impact of the women’s projects that have already participated in previous editions, analyzing the evolution and the mark left by the program in its 15-year history. “During all these years”, said Cyrille Vigneron, president and CEO of Cartier International.

“This initiative has brought together a community of passionate entrepreneurs, who have developed successful business models that improve the lives of those around them. This community is a constant source of wonder and inspiration.” Three decades in which they have given support to 262 entrepreneurs from 62 different countries, allocating almost 6.

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