Philanthropist, Crystal Robertson, Organizes Thanksgiving Event In Her Local Community

Posted On: October 31, 2023


Crystal Robertson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist , and founder born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Lafayette Louisiana. As a diverse and unique business owner, she has had consistent projects that she has led throughout the city. Crystal Robertson discovered her niche while attending Texas A&M University-Commerce through problem solving, hard work, innovation, and understanding what services to provide to targeted consumers. Crystal remains dedicated to her journey, and is constantly improving. Known as a dreamer, clever, and determined with her work, Crystal explains the journey of her endeavors. “I am currently advancing Feed the Streetz Outreach into another dimension in which we found our cherry on top. We are adding agriculture advancement into our programming. This will help expand Feed The Streets to a round table model (I named it myself): farm to table to youth. This will bring our entire mission full circle, ‘we are the keepers of the streets’ by helping sustain a healthy food source and teach economics to our urban community.” Crystal is a leader in her industry and constantly puts effort to display her skills. She is on the right path, and remains focused.

Crystal speaks on her motivation and what helps her get through rough times. “I am a single mother, who lost my mother at a pivotal point in my life when I was 18 years old. When everyone else around me had parents to hassle them about decisions, I was making decisions based on trauma, bad habits, and the grace of God. My past built a foundation in which others were placed along my life to nourish. Then I learned I wasn’t the only one that endured hardship, yet I am one of the few to conquer and thrive due to hardship. So what keeps me inspired is that I know my story is not my own and I must use it to help cultivate/influence a generation so they understand that possibilities are miracles when we own up to it. Since my hardship started as a youth, and I have a son, knowing they are our future pushes me even harder to earnestly do the work.” Her goals and the reasons she pursues them set her up for success in all she sets forth doing, and her clientele is also consistent the more she stays mentally inspired. Crystal remains steadfast through it all. Despite difficulties that came throughout her life, she remains persistent in working. “By the glory and grace of God. If my mother did not leave me with prayer, a bible, and a concept to know everything you want in this life you have to work for.. I am unsure where I would be.”

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Agriculture Advancement Program. Bringing on new directors to help further the project. We are expanding right now and want to be inclusive with involving/aligned partners that can help with resources, agriculture development classes, grooming small business, and youth engagement. –

Crystal mentions within the interview that certain obstacles in her life helped her achieve what was needed. “As a business owner, some obstacles I have had to overcome to get where I am are finances. No I would say that’s a big issue but honestly managing your resources and being you is something to stand true too. I believe as a business owner, you must be trainable in order to remain knowledgeable & become an industry expert. However, I think learning to stand firm in knowing your why and who you are will help keep your eyes/mind focused on the larger goal at hand.” Crystal will be successful in achieving her goal because she never gives up, and in order to keep her position at the top, she can only see success in the years to come.

Crystal is an insightful leader in her field and an accomplished expert in her lane. She is confident that her work will help her advance in her career and make a difference in the world and help others tremendously. “Stick with it, be you, and continue to aim for more. In all that I do these are some of the fundamentals that drive me. It has been a constant journey finding myself but I remain transparent while doing it. I will not settle, and even now in uncomfortable places I still aim for more; doing my best to maintain a level of contentment where I am even when it’s hard.” Crystal is committed to learning from her experiences and making the most of every opportunity. Crystal Robertson will succeed because she never gives up.

We strive to achieve cultural advancement, professionalism, leadership, and promotion through the expression of service in all forms, while trying to become ambassadors unto the community through outreach projects. Feed the Streetz Outreach is a youth advocacy organization focused on preventing homelessness. We begin by addressing food insecurity through meal distribution projects. Our goal is to understand the needs of families and youth in order to help them lead healthy lives. We collaborate with partners to offer resources to families at risk of homelessness, aiming to engage the youth in these families with community and volunteer experiences, as well as youth-related activities. Ultimately, our aim is to provide long-term experiences that change families’ perspectives and empower them to pursue sustainable lifestyles. Along the way, we create a system that can be replicated, demonstrating to smaller organizations and profit businesses how to expand. Our approach fosters unity rather than competition through our service objectives:

  • Physically Coordinate outreach projects that can access individuals external needs through first providing them food & basic necessities.
  • Mentally Educate the individuals we serve and the resources we collaborate with on how we can provide & allocate tangible services to those in need who are aiming to obtain a substantial lifestyle through workshops, self development classes, career choice certifications etc.
  • Financially Provide Aid Assistance & Relief to destitute communities on a local and global level.
  • Spiritually Address the population that needs additional attention by working with trained professionals that can assist in getting rehabilitation relief specifically targeting those from 13-35yrs that may be battling with homelessness, drug addiction, & mental wellness & non-chronic illness factors causing unwise lifestyle choices.

This year we are spreading the true purpose of holiday cheer: sacrificing a smile for a smile, to make another’s day. Outreach Project, 8th Annual Thanksgiving Blessing hosted by Feed the Streetz & our many community collaborates will provide lunch for homeless & low-income families, along with a special gift i.e toiletries, apparel items, or necessities. This project will require a hand selected group to pass out packaged dinner, blessing bags, aids testing to the public on Saturday, November 11.

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