Nominated for International Travel Awards as Best Airport Transfer Company

The Awards recognizes the best luxury hotels, hotels, hospitality industry companies, tourism boards, and theme parks that excel in providing exceptional travel experiences and services to their customers, a leading online platform for booking transfers, has been nominated for International Travel Awards as the Best Airport Transfer Company for new revolutionary innovations released in 2023. The nomination is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing its customers with safe, reliable, and affordable airport transfer services across the globe. The platform has consistently delivered exceptional customer service, making it the go-to option for millions of travelers.

In 2023, launched unique features that are set to change the whole transfer industry for the better.

  1. The platform was introduced a checkout with two tariffs for cancellation, very much like in all airlines — the first is a cancellation at any time, and the second tariff is a money-saving option.
  2. If you are a permanent client, ask a manager to get you upgraded to VIP status. This will give you dedicated support and care with the ability to order almost all via messengers
  3. Although we do not reveal the total number of trips completed by our drivers, we gladly provide their rating which is based on feedback from previous passengers. By viewing a driver’s current rating and the quantity of customer ratings received, you can make an informed decision on selecting the ideal driver for your journey, based on the experiences of others.
  4. Another extraordinarily cool stuff is a diamond selection. It is tailored for those willing to ride only new cars and ready to pay well for exactly having a new one, check diamond cars they are selected to be not more than 2 years old. It is a way for r to satisfy luxury auditory.
  5. Finally, we offer a VIP concierge service, which is an exclusive feature available to fast-track users, VIPs, and individuals seeking an elevated level of service. If you require a car to arrive not just on time, but a few minutes early, and want every detail to be triple-checked, this service is perfect for you. By paying a small additional fee, you’ll receive complete peace of mind, a dedicated personal 24/7 concierge, online meeting tracking, and even dress code control with welcome signs. This is an excellent choice for B2B customers seeking the highest level of service, and it’s a must-have for top executives and business-class travelers.

As usual, with’s customers can choose the car type they want and get a ride without having to wait for a booking. Right here and right now and sell all before payment has been made, unlike in all taxi aggregators where you sell all after your card is charged.

Bender-based pricing where you wait and get better and better prices is still most loved by B2C clients who are willing to wait a while and get better prices for the exact car they want. Important to say is the only one in the world offering all this and a selection of languages a driver will speak. So, if you are from China traveling to Rome with GetTransfer you can get a Mandarin-speaking driver.

Alexander Sapov, the co-founder and the CEO of the platform, states “It is a great honor to be nominated as an incontestable leader in the category of airport transfer services. We would like to thank the organizational committee and everyone who is voting for us and we are truly grateful for their trust and support”.

International Travel Awards are considered the most prestigious awards in the travel industry, and the winners are selected based on votes by customers and industry experts. The winner will be announced on May 5th, and the Gala Ceremony will take place in Dubai on June 17th. has built a reputation for its unique product offering, winning various awards since its launch. Last year, the platform was awarded the Best Travel App at Uzakrota Travel Awards and Leading Online Transport Marketplace at Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards. In 2020, it was recognized for its innovative approach to digital travel, receiving the Innovation in Travel Award from Globe Travel Awards. And in 2019, the service was awarded the Best Technology Product of the Year at the Travolution Awards, recognizing the most innovative works in the digital travel field.

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