Monterey’s Wellness Author Danielle Mallet Provides Solutions for Head and Neck Pain

Monterey, CA

As our world continues to push the agenda for western medicine on body aches to band aid the pain, there are people who seek for a more permanent and truly empowering solution. On the topic of head and neck pain which nearly 288.7 million people claim to suffer from, a woman on a mission sought out a better way to heal from this by her own experience and research. We introduce Danielle Mallett, a functional movement coach, yoga instructor, physical trainer and author. She specializes in head and neck pain by using the combination of strength, flexibility, mobility and relaxation. Her use of physical and mental health methods create an intricate partnership to gain effective practices to achieve results for her clients where they won’t find anywhere else. Located in the beautiful Monterey Bay in California, Danielle has written her gems of knowledge and made her services almost mobile by publishing her latest book ‘Empowered Choices: A Guide to Healing Head and Neck Pain’.

In her book she directly instructs and targets a wide range of the heavy trade working class, people who work within offices/cubicles or any admins that sit for a very long time, postpartum mothers or pregnant women, the elderly who have underlying head and neck pain from lack of proper care after years, athletes young and matured and people who experienced bodily trauma from accidents. Danielle states in her book “…with each step on the healing journey, I have learned to listen to the wisdom of my body. At first, this concept was foreign to me. I grew up with my body, but it was something I only paid attention to when it was sick or in pain. It had never occurred to me to listen to my body for any other reason.” Something most of us can relate to. She emphasizes “This book will help people find instructors who respect their space, offer clear and appropriate adjustments and teach in a way that makes them feel safe.” Giving a voice to those who have been rejected by doctors in the past or have been told there is nothing that can be done for them. A must read for anyone who has experienced this or worse.

‘Empowered Choices: A Guide to Healing Head & Neck Pain’ can be found on her website at and on the same site you can also explore Danielle’s services.

As a functional movement coach Danielle holds one on one and group sessions and provides her client’s with strength, flexibility, mobility and relaxation training that is tailored to their unique needs in person or online. If you are someone who cannot attend her classes, she has created this book just for you! Readers are given the knowledge on the background of head and neck pain, instruction on healing methods and empowered to keep listening to their bodies and finding the proper ways to cure their symptoms of head and neck pain.

To learn more about what Danielle offers and how she can help you, visit her site at or her instagram page @getwellwithdanielle.

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