Milly Marzz – An Extremely Talented Music Artist has been recently interviewed

Milly Marzz is a music artist based out of Texas and has been blowing up worldwide! We were able to ask him some questions in an interview and were surprised! Let’s just say this artist is extremely talented and has a lot going for himself!

1- At what age did you first start creating music?

Milly: At 24 years of age

2- Who are your main inspirations in music?

Milly: Myself, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Jeezy & J. Cole.

3- Where do you see yourself musically in five years?

Milly: Owning my own record label being a consistent artist on all of the top charts.

4- Where have you performed?

Milly: No where as of yet.

5- What are your thoughts about the music industry at the moment?

Milly: From Artists to producers, I’m not sure a lot of talented artist with similar styles, I should say. If you have a great beat that seems to be what everyone cares about these days. The art of Hip Hop is lacking. We need to get back to Hip Hop.

6- Do you have any upcoming projects and what kind of projects within the rest of the year?

Milly: I’m currently working on my new EP that should be finish by the end of month.

7- Would you sign to a major label or do you plan on staying independent?

Milly: I’m undecided as of now i am independent at the moment.

8- Would you ever relocate anywhere else to do your music?

Milly: It depends on the demand and the deal or goal at hand. I’m not sure where at the moment, but it does truly depend on those aspects.

9- What are the top three female artists you would collaborate with?

Milly: Eve, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown.

10- Last Question! What are your top three favorite genres?

Milly: Rap/Hip hop, R&B, Neo Soul.

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