10 Times Supermarkets and Fast Food Chains Became a Viral Fashion Phenomenon

From Jeremy Scott’s debut collection as creative director of Moschino to the KFC bag with a waiting list: Fashion Clothing with the corporate image of McDonald’s, Carrefour or Lidl sweeps sales.

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The American chain specializing in fried chicken  Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known by its acronym KFC, has introduced a Baguette-style bag inspired by the 2000s under the name  KFC Wrapuette. The red design, the company’s flagship color,  bears the face of Harland Sanders, founder of the chain, and its price exceeds 230 euros. Those who wish to get hold of it must sign up for the waiting list that they have enabled on their website.

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KFC already made a foray into fashion in 2020, when it launched clogs in collaboration with footwear brand Crocs, featuring a print of the chain’s famous fried chicken. Half an hour after its release, they hung up the sold out sign and its resale price reached the exorbitant figure of 500 euros (its original price was 55 euros).

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The designer Jeremy Scott, current creative director of Moschino, made his debut in 2014 at the head of the Italian fashion firm at Milan Fashion Week with a first parade full of references to fast food, in which the McDonald’s logo it was printed on bags, dresses, sweaters and coats.

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At the beginning of 2019, Zara also went to the famous American chain to launch a sweatshirt with the McDonald’s logo printed on it and a T-shirt with the company’s famous fries that swept sales.

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In 2020 , the German supermarket chain Lid launched a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories  featuring its corporate colors  that became a true viral phenomenon. The shoes, with an introductory price of 15 euros, were the flagship product and reached resale prices of up to four figures.

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Lidl unleashed the craze again at the end of 2021 with a Christmas print jumper with the supermarket’s logo and flagship colours. With an original price of 8.99 euros, it currently exceeds 400 euros on resale portals.

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Carrefour launched a limited edition clothing and accessories collection last January , featuring the logos of the famous Pryca and Continente supermarkets that preceded it. Most of the garments sold out in the first 24 hours and their prices

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The Carrefour logo became the star of the autumn-winter 2014 collection by British designer Anya Hindmarch, founder of her homonymous firm. Bags, t-shirts and sweatshirts decorated with the famous symbol of the supermarket that left no one indifferent.

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Her collection with the printed Carrefour logo was not the first time that the designer was inspired by brands from the food sector to create her collections. A year earlier, Hindmarch surprised her fans with a line of bags in collaboration with Kellogg’s, inspired by the brand’s cereal boxes.

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Another viral phenomenon came from the hand of the American franchise Pizza Hut, which launched slippers with an integrated button that, after connecting them via bluetooth to the phone, allowed the company to place orders. Only 50 units were launched and its resale price reaches 2,000 euros.

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