Creatives, Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore, Are Making A Positive Impact

Posted On: October 17, 2023


From Dallas, Texas, artists, Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore are destined for greatness. Both of their dedications to greatness and the inspiration of those around them have remained constant. They speak about the goals for the future and the inspirations for their tenacity. “Creatively, we’re working on short films and music videos to bring more eyes to our future projects. We’ve spent the last few years observing our peers as well as shows and movies we like in Hollywood to find our own style and develop something that’s gonna shake things up.” By working with a wide variety of individuals, Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore have remained consistent and relevant in the entertainment scene throughout the years. Their inspiration for their work comes from the grind and inspiration. Known as being diligent, creative, and confident overall, Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore have high hopes for their work. In order to build on their current success and continue to inspire others, they are now concentrating on maintaining the grind and upcoming work. As a collective, they constantly retain their focus on the end result, which they are aware is crucial if they want to succeed. Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore have made the correct decision and remain steadfast.

Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore, two multifaceted creatives, go into further detail about the challenges they overcame to get to where they are as a collective.They are aware that their challenges have strengthened them. “The biggest struggle we had as a production company was to find the vision for Cinematic Cyclops. Comparison is the thief of joy and it was difficult for Amari to look at all the great things his friends are accomplishing without comparing himself to them. No matter what we end up going through, we can recognize that we need to take at least one step towards a solution. Even if it’s two steps back for every one step forward, we keep moving forward.” Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore assert that their own inspiration and determination, together with the encouragement of others, have led them to where they are today. They went on to remark that their passion for music will always serve as their source of inspiration and that certain important people in their life had a significant influence on their career. “For Rodney, his biggest influencers are those that are kept close by him. From creatives, educators, and parents, his family has always been supportive of him and his goals and he’s here because of them and God. Amari’s most influential people are his parents. His mom works on movies and got him onto a few sets over the years. Amari’s leadership style was created from watching his dad as an educator and is the reason he knows his value, not just as a filmmaker but as a black man.” Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore sees themself as ambitious artists who, as a result of his work ethic and tenacity, have become more of an inspiration and go-getters to others.

Rodney Patten
As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to be where you are at?

A big obstacle for us has been accepting failure as part of the learning process. Whether it’s a film shoot or learning about the business aspect of a media production company, we’ve had to go out and experiment with everything to actually learn from it. Thankfully we’ve had great mentors from the jump who’ve helped us learn from our failures and their successes and now we make a lot less mistakes than this time last year.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

Amari is a goal oriented person who strives to be a big director in Texas, so all of his future plans are what inspires today’s actions. Rodney is inspired by seeing other creative people focus on their work and truly try to make a difference in the culture with their creativity. That motivates Rodney to do the same and be a part of a community of intellectual and gifted artists. Most importantly Amari and Rodney inspire each other and have meetings every week where they share what they’ve learned from separate film shoots, social media posts, and personal experiences with each other and two years later they still find new ways to inspire each other’s writing, directing, and editing. It goes without saying the duo are also inspired by their crew, Kennedy Hall, Sky Pinson, and AJ Vanterpool who keeps them accountable and grounded enough to consistently work on all endeavors, past present and future.

Rodney Patten
What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Our nearest project is Dirty Laundry, a surreal film written and directed by Amari Stanmore, about Deshun who gets into an argument with his girlfriend and goes to a laundromat to get some space. While he’s there he interacts with the memories with other people’s relationships in order to learn what he should do about his own. It’s like a fun mix of FX’s Atlanta and A Christmas Carol. We’ve been working on it for over a year and we can’t wait to get it out to the world. For projects after that, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Many admire them. The focus of Rodney Patten and Amari Stanmore’s attention is now on continuing to pursue their career in order to strengthen his already solid foundation even further. They have their eyes set on the prize and understand that in order to succeed, they must not only invest in themself, but continue to strive each and every day. “The inspiration behind the name Cinematic Cyclops came from one of our first video shoots from before we even had a name. We want to show people a vision of something cinematic or creative through our own lens and help them see the world the way we do. While looking at BTS from the shoot, Amari saw that when the camera was up to his face, he only had one eye. The Lens. From then on we wanted everyone to know that anyone can be creative, anyone can be cinematic, anyone can be a cyclops.”

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