Danilo Vignola Is A Ukulele Legend!

The genius of Danilo Vignola from the Italian province to the rest of the world. Danilo Vignola has traveled all over the world with his music. Among the most popular performers of the ukulele, he translated the Mediterranean style through the four strings of the Hawaiian guitar. A virtuous fusion that founds the tarantella of southern Italy with the Spanish bulerias up to electronic and experimental sounds. He has won prestigious awards everywhere from America to China. Hundreds of concerts in Europe have placed him among the most active and prestigious musicians of Mediterranean culture.

Of Salento origins, he lives in a small town in the province of Lucania, where any possibility of emerging is limited, he has been able to distinguish himself for his unique style and authentic show, capable of projecting the famous Hawaiian chordophone into unexplored dimensions. From dance to melody to rhythm, Vignola’s ukulele is an artistic heritage that has its roots in the great masters of his land.

The instrument becomes a means of artistic and cultural fusion that the Lucan intellectual has been able to translate into fascinating compositions and music. “Ukulele Revolver” is an intelligent record, brilliant in compositions and technique. The artist starts again with a series of concerts and workshops throughout Europe, and then with his sponsors he will perform in Japan with a mature and unconventional show, a characteristic that has always distinguished the eclectic Vignola over the years.

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