Artist From Trinidad, Johnny Blackman, Comes From Humble Beginnings


Johnny Blackman is a musical artist from Trinidad and Tobago. He remains determined and genuine with his endeavors. Johnny Blackman has maintained his commitment to excellence and the motivations of those around him. Johnny Blackman discusses his future plans and the driving forces behind his perseverance. “I am working on some different types of music this includes some recreation of my father’s music. I just released my latest single call Weekend by Johnny Blackman. You can catch it on all platforms . I am currently working on some new music . On the side I have recently also started my real estate investing business with my wife. It is called Blackman Investment Group / B.I.G.” Johnny Blackman has been focused on his work and has maintained his consistency throughout the years by collaborating with a diverse range of people. “Growing up music was everything; it was my well-being. My father was my biggest inspiration . His passion to write and create music and imparting his talent to his children inspired me . It helped mold my desire and passion to create music now. I love creating new beats and lyrics. Music is a stress reliever for me.”

Known as being dedicated, passionate, and a creative artist overall, Johnny Blackman is now focusing on keeping up his motivating grind so that he may expand upon his present success and continue to serve as an inspiration to others. He offers guidance about some important aspects of his grind and his inspiration. “My message would be that life has it’s ups and downs . The biggest challenge for me is believing that I can take my music to the next level . Creating music takes dedication and patience. You have to consistently work your craft in order for others to enjoy it.” Johnny Blackman constantly retains his focus on the end result, which he is aware is crucial if he wants to succeed. Johnny Blackman has made the correct decision and remains steadfast.

The diverse creative, Johnny Blackman, explains more on the struggles he has overcome to be where he is at. Johnny Blackman keeps going because he knows that his hardships have made him stronger. “Overcoming my struggles is looking back and remembering my humble upbringing. Building a strong foundation , staying grounded in your morals, and what you believe in , having strong Christian values and prayers have definitely always helped me throughout my life.” Motivation is not an issue for Johnny Blackman, and he keeps a positive attitude no matter what he deals with. “Growing up we had no source of income. My father decided to give up all his royalties and leave the music industry and live a simple Christian life. The home we lived in had no windows , no electricity, no running water . We had to fish, hunt and plant . We literally lived from the earth. This molded me for when I arrived in the US. I was resilient and found ways to start my life here and grow . Don’t give up! There is always a way.”

Johnny Blackman went on to remark that his passion for music will always be a driving force in his life and that important persons in his life had a significant effect on his career. He says that his own passion and inspiration has gotten him where he is today with the inspiration of others. “I will have to say to my wife. She’s one of the most dedicated, hard-working independent woman and possesses a heart of gold . She is consistently working her full time job but provides our family with her undivided attention. On top of that managing our side hustle with me. The next would be my niece, Nailah Blackman who is an upcoming artist in Trinidad. Her passion and love for music/ life is amazing. She totally loves it and I am proud of her . Next would be my elder brothers Haile and Dereck who has supported and guided me since I have moved to the states. Andrew Tate who is opening the eyes of many people. He is teaching the world how we shouldn’t let the system and social media take over our lives . And lastly my father the late ‘Ras Shorty’ who was the creator of Soca” Johnny Blackman views himself as an ambitious artist who has become more of an inspiration and a go-getter to others because of his work ethic and determination. Others look up to him. The emphasis of Johnny Blackman’s concentration is now on continuing to pursue his musical profession in order to build his already strong foundation even further than it is already. Johnny Blackman has his sights set on the prize and realizes that in order to be successful, one must not only invest in oneself, but also in those who will invest in you in exchange for their efforts on his behalf.

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