Artist and Creator, K Graham, Comes From Motivating Beginnings


Kadeem Graham, also known as ‘Smoov’ or ‘K Graham’ is a musical artist and content creator from Helena, Arkansas, now residing in Dallas, Texas. K Graham continues to be sincere and resolute in his efforts. Both K Graham’s dedication to greatness and the inspiration of those around him have remained constant. K Graham talks about his goals for the future and the inspirations for his tenacity. “I am currently working on an EP. ‘Life is a beautiful lie’. It will consist of like eight songs just to let the energies in. I want people to know that ‘Against All Odds’ is out right now by K Graham on all platforms. Also that ‘ShortTerm Pain’ is on the way (Video in the works for it also).”

By working with a wide variety of individuals, K Graham has remained consistent and relevant in the music scene throughout the years. His inspiration for music comes from family. “What is inspiring me right now is the family I created, my sisters and the random people that’ve been placed on this journey with me that genuinely want me to win with great intentions.”

Known as being an overthinker, a creator that likes to bring his thoughts to life, and a versatile artist overall, K Graham has high hopes for his work. In order to build on his current success and continue to inspire others, K Graham is now concentrating on maintaining his inspirational grind and building on his work ethic. He provides advice on some crucial elements of his work and sources of motivation. “First love yourself and use that imagination you had as a child to believe in yourself. Know that consistency and discipline in whatever you do is key. That you can create your own sound for people to hear your story.” K Graham constantly retains his focus on the end result, which he is aware is crucial if he wants to succeed. K Graham has made the correct decision and remains steadfast.

K Graham, a multifaceted artist, goes into further detail about the challenges he overcame to get to where he is. K Graham perseveres because he is aware of how his challenges have strengthened him. “I have overcome my struggles with the help of my wife really. She really made me face myself and work on me. After helping her breakthrough, I fell into a dark place. She was consistent on pulling me out of there and is when I started to look at life differently.”

K Graham never struggles with motivation and maintains a cheerful outlook despite his challenges. “Just learning the gift of discernment when it comes to business. It takes a team to make something expand. Just teach myself to stay sharp when it comes to different energies investing in something with you.”

K Graham asserts that his own inspiration and determination, together with the encouragement of others, have led him to where he is today. He went on to remark that his passion for music will always serve as his source of inspiration and that important persons in his life had a significant influence on his career. “My mother was definitely the most. She taught me so much in so little time. She passed from battling lupus when I was 13. She really kind of laid the blueprint of this game called life for me early. My children they give me that innerchild of expressisng your imagination no matter what society says.” K Graham sees himself as an ambitious artist who, as a result of his work ethic and tenacity, has become more of an inspiration and go-getter to others.

Others admire him. The focus of K Graham’s attention is now on continuing to pursue his musical career in order to strengthen his already solid foundation even further. K Graham has his eyes set on the prize and understands that in order to succeed, he must not only invest in himself, but continue to strive each and every day.

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