Aspiring Entrepreneur and Artist, Ric Hussel, Is Making Moves


Ric Hussel, also known as ‘Yung Jim Adler Tha Hamma’ is an entrepreneur and artist from the Dallas, Texas area. Ric Hussel is ascending the social and entertainment industry ladder. The up-and-coming artist has already experimented with a wide variety of people and has high hopes for the work he puts in. His artistic abilities contribute to the success of his endeavors. Known as sensible, a leader, and tough loving in his work and looks, the artist, Ric Hussel, comes from humble beginnings and has a passion for his long term work. He has major work coming up as an entrepreneur. “I’m handling a few projects for a few artists who have some high quality potential. Which will be released in 2024. As for myself personally I’ve pushed back one of my heavily awaited shows which is Part five to my ‘Hussel n Friends’ concert series. Along with my continued work as a voice actor. The endgame is to be the voice of your kids favorite cartoon character or commercial very soon. I’m definitely ready for the big screen.I am also currently working on a Master Ceremony for concerts, voice acting, and super hero stuff.”

Ric Hussel is now focused on maintaining his position as the greatest in his community so that he may expand upon his already solid base with his most recent effort. From a large crowd of models, he stands out.

Despite Ric Hussel’s dedication to honing his skill to the greatest standard, his struggles have driven him to strive for even greater success in his career. “I have overcome struggles with prayer, and building organic relationships that turn fans into family.

Some obstacles I have had to overcome was honestly working with certain groups who actually see the value in what you do and believe. As mentioned before my profession isn’t really considered a high commodity in the Hip-hop world so doing clubs and things in that sense becomes what most would call an ‘extra expense’. That’s until they see me in action and contracts are later discussed. But the upside I find in this is there’s so many other opportunities for myself I can be a part of. Sports announcing, Award shows, Talk/Radio, and Game Shows. So I guess the only obstacle is yourself if you allow yourself to stay in one lane.” He stays consistent and looks only ahead. “ The goal is to be a household name in a positive light is something I stride forward to. My events and content are here to simply do two things, inspire and uplift. As a child I watched commercials and read books and comics that showed men who were upstanding pillars in their community/country. I wish to continue that narrative.”

Who were the most influential people in your life?

GOD off tops, but honestly it’s a number of folk for so many reasons. MC Hammer (for his energy), Jamie Foxx (His versatility and comic relief), Kirk Franklin (one of the greatest MCs in Music hands down), Hollywood BayBay for years I’ve watched this man do what some of my family and friends have said to be impossible he’s done. It’s safe to say I’m hot on his trail that he’s paved for me and so many others in Dallas-Fort Worth and Shreveport.

Ric Hussel ends the interview with a piece of advice that others can take back from the work he is doing. He knows his struggles have pushed him to be the person he is. “The advice I can give is that everyone’s role in life or business is very important. No one’s role is easy to do or overlook. I feel that being a host or MC is sometimes overlooked and even undervalued. I advise the people to recognize each person’s role to be worth more than gold. We all need each other for things to work to the greater good of the people.” Ric Hussel remains focused on his goals and has quality work every time he creates. An artist worth looking at. From the moves being made in the city, he aims high, and is constantly inspiring others throughout his journey.

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