The Professional People Always Satisfies and at the Same Time Educates their Clients

A Professional Person Rafael Cedeno Camacho is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atrio Group, a company in the insurance sector that is making its way into the American continent and has a firm footing in the United States.

With regard to the changing times that countries and their economies are experiencing, he analyzes aspects such as the fact that each nation, ethnic group or community “has its advantages and opportunities” to leave its mark. For Camacho it is not a question of “a flag issue” being able to grow or not. He explains that it is rather a matter of discipline and adaptation. Everything else is largely supported by education. The tools for personal and professional growth, along with their demands, invite you to handle several languages, as a multi-regional business market is now imposed.

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Which of the academic and business paths has defined your satisfaction the most?

All education and learning moments are welcome, in the same way the professional journey always satisfies and at the same time educates. However, the first ventures are more about impulse and motivation than reasoning and projection. Today it is time to be more methodical, establish comparables and constantly measure. Educationally, Singularity (NASA Postgraduate) continues to be a comprehensive strategic path that I will always recommend.

What aspects of being Italo-Venezuelan have been able to the enhance your professional growth?

Each country, ethnic group, community, segment, niche has its advantages and opportunities. I don’t think it’s a banner issue, rather it’s a discipline, adaptation, education that provide the tools for personal and professional growth. However, today a global world invites you to handle several languages and Spanish, Italian and English are very important to face multi-regional businesses.

What issues do you think should be developed in the Venezuelan academic to empower the country?

Identify trends, evaluate their tropicalization and transmit possible local results. This would arouse the interest of the student to delve into the level of detail of what happens or moves the world and its application in the country. It would also propose some theoretical reforms to activate practical scenarios. From passive teaching to active error. It is preferable that the student makes a mistake in his student days instead of his essay being in his stage as a professional. Starting your internship in the 2nd year of your degree is perhaps key.

Tell us a little about the studies carried out between Berkeley and UNIMET?

Different stages, different focus. The undergraduate student assumes it as a duty, a cycle of life, the friends that remain today, the foundations of your profession. However Berkeley, University of Miami, Singularity levels of academic/professional specialization where you develop the position of objecting, internalizing, applying. You realize that learning moments are dynamic and evolve.

Between learning and real life, tell us about the beginnings in the ventures you launched, the general results, the path to global leadership you have sought.

And what I’m still looking for… we mistakenly believe that obtaining certain results allows you to lead. Leadership goes beyond directing, managing. A leader must generate a legacy for the collective, the society, the industry, the country. All entrepreneurship, family or not, high or low investment, must be with a lot of discipline and love for detail. From the surveillance company with my father to today, it is a process of permanent learning and adaptation. It’s not easy, but it’s satisfying.

Entering the matter of Insurance, regional presence, scope and product lines, what opportunities do you see at this stage on a regional scale, both in Venezuela and on the continent?

The product lines are very similar in the countries, aspects of regulation and licenses to operate vary. The insurance industry is a category where trust is a value that generates market loyalty, both from the end customer and from the producer or broker. For the Group, sharing best practices among countries, identifying trends, applying management indicators, leveraging technology and, of course, economies of scale, are the pillars of action to grow sustainably.

How has this stage been in Atrio, the employees, executives who accompany you and the professional growth of that dynamic?

He has been instrumental in building a solid corporate culture. Executives of various nationalities, with experience in neuralgic processes. A structure in constant growth in number of employees and number of offices in different countries. Human Resources leaders have handled the growth and internal promotion policy very well.

Tell us about your work side by side with Juan Lamanna – Executive President of Atrio Seguros Venezuela. How has the challenge of opening the new opportunities for Venezuela been?

Juan is a Venezuelan executive with proven experience and results in the industry. He also has a technical / commercial profile that fits the national reality. He comes to support us and the Venezuelan team is pleased with his entry.

Speaking of Innovation and Development, what aspects do you highlight in projects such as Atrio Insurance Academy?

A comprehensive education scenario for the insurance agent in the USA. Being an expert in insurance is important, but we also saw the need to contribute/guide agents in administrative areas (taxes, payroll), marketing, systems, customer service, among others. Areas that allow the insurance business in the USA to become a way to achieve the economic independence. It is very easy in the United States that the processes described above can mitigate the insurance operation of an independent agent.

What aspects of Atrio Travel Assist, Sports Marketing and the opening of the operation in the US stand out?

From Atrio Travel Assist, a constantly growing travel assistance operation. We are close to activating operations to assist all the inhabitants of the United States, both for local (intra-United States) and international travel from the USA and to any part of the world. We are talking about more than 325,000,000 people who travel and that our Assistance plan will give you the peace of mind and confidence to do so. Our portal that is present in different languages on internet ​​ will definetly allow the acquisition of the plan that adjusts to the needs of each client. It is an interesting, friendly and economical model to serve the North American market.

Diverse Markets

Rafael Cedeno Camacho highlights sports marketing as a great opportunity and points out that they are supporting Antonio Díaz and his “INSISTE” concept, in addition to serving different soccer teams and their beach soccer modality; Bolivian professional golfer James Arandia in “The British Open 2022”, among others.

Trust as the best fertilizer for growth

Atrio Insurance Group has been operating in the United States for five years and with the intention of continuing to expand its branches, its founder Rafael Eduardo Cedeño Camacho has his sights set on growing in other states such as Texas and California.

The entry into the United States was in 2017 and has been the two pillars of the company in American territory, seeking to be a project made with confidence and that provides the greatest number of options to customers.

What challenges do both Venezuelan and regional insurers face in the face of the complex scenarios that, according to analysts, have been present for a couple of years?

Achieving efficiency in listing, subscription and claim, “Insurtech” is seen as a way. The vision of Innovation and Development must be protagonists

Do you think that insurance in Venezuela has an opportunity to specialize new products adapted to the needs and resources of customers?

Venezuela has been a market for innovation (not only in technology), but also in Customer Service topics, Plans for segments. At Atrio Seguros we are constantly in a process of evolution to adapt and continue to improve.

Do you consider it necessary to create new training opportunities for those who want to venture into careers in the insurance area?

Education should always be monitoring the needs of each category. The ATRIO Group detected it in the United States with Atrio Insurance Academy, therefore we are evaluating its activation in the countries where we operate.

In their social networks, they highlight how the expansion of their policy for industries and commerce seeks to “protect the investment of entrepreneurs and SMEs so that their premises and collaborators are stable.” Building, electrical equipment, machinery, furniture and much more are included in what is insured.

“During 2014, we developed an intense work schedule to expand the business of Atrio Seguros, managing to have a presence in 10 states in the country, opening 6 commercial offices in just 6 months and rising from position 46 to 41 in the ranking of insurance companies in Venezuela, among other achievements. In parallel during that year, I successfully completed a Global MBA at the University of Miami, Florida” he recalls.

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