BirdyMusic And Philonius Phunk ‘I Gotta Do It’

Birdy is a talented, independent artist all his own. With a unique sound, In past interviews have been compared to legends Musiq, Eric B & Rakim and Dr. Dre. Birdy has hustled many years on his craft, working with legends: The Game, Spice 1, Kurupt, and Bushwhick Bill(of the Gheto Boys RIP) NB Ridaz, King Lil G and more… Learning and growing as he traveled along the West coast (California, Las Vegas, Arizona Utah and Denver) Nothing compliments an evening, like the sound of Birdy Music and Philonius Phunk “I Gotta Do It” blasting out the system. Like an imprint on Hip Hop/Rap, Birdy will indeed make his mark in the industry.

Birdy is a humble, consummate, respectable individual. A visionary, father, humanitarian. He hails from parts of Utah, especially Salt Lake City; his home is in front of the microphone. Where he focuses on the lyrics. From his thoughts, from pen and page, to the stage; he performs the music since he was young he desired to share with the people.

Birdy has a strong support staff and foundation, making him the artist we know and love. He will undoubtedly take his place one day, among the legends local and universal; because as he stays the course he will go nowhere but up. Ladies and gentlemen BirdyMusic and Philonius Phunk new Music single “I Gotta Do It”. As an Ohio bred, Philonius Phunk brings the noise with elements of old school and new school hip-hop and R&B collaged with sounds from the golden age of video gaming. Bridging the gap between a niche market such as nerdcore with mainstream hip-hop, Philonius Phunk delivers an unrestrained unpredictable sound for the masses.

As a producer and artist, Phunk has shared the stage with, Mega Ran, MC Lars, Richie Branson, just to name a few. Teaming up with BirdyMusic, the new single, “I Gotta Do It,” sends motivation of prosperity through the tales of artist’s substandard upbringing.

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