Multi-Creative, Kelsey Jones, Has Contributed A Lot To Her City


Kelsey Jones, also known as ‘K.Alyse’ is a creative force who works in a variety of fields. She was born in Houston, Texas, but has lived most of her life in Dallas, Texas, where she now resides. She is an entrepreneur, a spoken word artist, and an event planner all in one package. She is just overall well rounded. K.Alyse has a strong proclivity for creativity, and she works hard to cultivate a recognizable presence in both online and in-person endeavors. She always has a tremendous commitment to her work. In terms of her own qualities, she has a strong reputation for being positive and enthusiastic at all times, as well as attentive and creative. Because of the collaborative efforts and personal grind, she has been able to maintain a degree of consistency and maintain a sharp concentration on her objectives. K.Alyse is well on her way to the top. She describes some current work she is involved in. “I am writing a collection of personal and relatable spoken word poetry pieces to inspire others to overcome the battles that we all face. I am working on showcasing a monthly video series through my website but I would also like to tap into more private events. I typically host large scale community events such as festivals, concerts, artist showcases, but I would love to be a part of planning even more meaningful smaller functions like birthday parties, family functions and so forth.”

K.Alyse is currently setting the standard and works hard to showcase her abilities. K.Alyse discusses her current motivations. “What inspires me is knowing that I am leaving a lasting positive impact on the life of each person I encounter keeps me going.” Her drive and determination ensure her success in every endeavor she undertakes. “The pandemic affected us all. I specifically work in Community Relations and not being able to gather in-person was a challenge. However, I learned to pivot and be innovative hosting virtual events and new ways of engagement in more of a hybrid approach. I also added new services to my business including website and graphic design services, the creation of promotional marketing material such as retractable banners, videography and more.”

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

My faith and trust in God has allowed me to overcome each difficulty that I faced. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. To begin to overcome those struggles, I had to make the conscious decision to change up my lifestyle and mindset because my mental health was affecting every aspect of my life. I started therapy and am a firm believer that therapy works. Journaling, consistent exercise even if it is just a brisk walk outside, eating a healthy diet, and taking time just for me all have helped me to reach a point of forgiving the wrongdoings of my past in order to have a better tackle on my mental health.

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

That people are going to tell you what you can not do, but they do not see what God has already placed in you to do.

K.Alyse is not only a competent industry leader, but also an informed individual. She believes that the influence of her work will allow her to achieve greater professional achievement and have a positive impact on the world. K.Alyse vows to draw inspiration from all of her experiences and works diligently. As she concludes the conversation, she discusses a number of influential figures in her life. “My parents paved the way for me, as my dad is also an entrepreneur and provided key advice as I launched my business in 2018. My mother, now retired, was an Executive Vice President at Southwest Airlines and she bestowed wisdom on navigating the corporate world while operating a business. I am so grateful to have been blessed with two influential parents.” K.Alyse’s dedication to her cause will allow her to strengthen her endeavors.

Kelsey Jones (‘K.Alyse,’) will succeed because she perseveres consistently.

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  1. As a co-worker of K.Alyse, I’m not at all surprised by these accolades as well as her individual and professional achievements!

    And, YET I celebrate and am THRILLED for her!

    Way to go K.Alyse!

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