Endrina Yepez sets more Ambitious Goals for Next Year

Endrina Yepez – The journalist, writer and speaker spoke about her wishes and expectations for the new year 2023 as well as sharing how she celebrates the Christmas holidays with her family.

When taking stock of 2022 that is about to end, what has been the best thing that has happened to you throughout these 12 months, or if it is more than one event?

Well, it was a year of achieving very important professional goals and very satisfying personal challenges, such as participating in the International Book Fair in Bogota, becoming a TED speaker in Panama, which was one of my dreams. I have also had the opportunity to carry my message with the conference ‘The Force of Acceptance’, with great receptivity. It has been a year of deep learning and a lot of professional and personal growth.

And what could you say that you lacked to achieve? A goal to achieve?

Yes, I had planned the publication of my second book, but it will be by 2023, which is called Manual of Gratitude. And also for next year I hope to be the Venezuelan journalist for the Impact of Total space, on the wide vision screen, which will be a very interesting new professional challenge, because we are going to innovate in the way of presenting news from Venezuela and the world. The program will address the news that you like, that impact Venezuela, and will be presented in a dynamic, different way, what impacts on social networks, the most newsworthy.

How did you celebrate Christmas and how do you prepare to receive the New Year?

With family, with friends, with my children, with my partner, my pets, as always, with hope and illusion because I am absolutely certain that 2023 will be a great year. At Christmas we had a dinner with an exchange of gifts, a sharing, more than 50 people met.

What gifts did you ask for the Child Jesus?

Above all health, family union, prosperity for Venezuela. I believe that one of the greatest desires that I have is that Venezuelans can work on what we love and can live fully in this time. And a Venezuela full of good Venezuelans.

And to conclude, what message can you give your followers, the general public, on these significant dates?

The message would be that God fill us with a lot of wisdom to make the right decisions, that we have fullness and happiness in our hearts, with that positive attitude to start 2023, with good energy and with that magic that connects love, he concluded.

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