Influencer Denisse Dabul Shares 3 Facts Every Fashionista Should Know

To generate constant fullness in a fashion fanatic, she has to provide functional advice that brings dynamism to her way of dressing; fashion influencer Denisse Dabul sure knows how to brighten the hearts of her fans, her tips provide foolproof solutions for all fashionistas.

Finding the ideal garments that complement your look can be quite a challenge if you are about to start in the world of fashion. Denisse Dabul understands that the value of the image can be very variable and must be a reflection of your personality; As a fashion influencer , she understands the questions that every fashion lover usually has. In his case, he proposes to personally guide everyone who is attracted to good taste in clothing.

Being a reference of style, freshness and originality is a task that Denisse Dabul has constantly worked on in 14 years of experience, although she started modeling, the Ecuadorian beauty expert was involved in the fashion industry from a very young age. From that point on, her attraction increased and today, she offers you data that yes or yes you should know as a fashionista.

1. Learn to shop smart

To give true value to clothing, the best thing you can do is to use it and to achieve it in the best way is through functional purchases that you get the real benefit of. Denisse Dabul recommends buying quality clothing that looks stylish and highlights your natural beauty.

In the same way, the fashion influencer advises thinking about the activities you do when buying clothes, as well as investing in easy-to-match colored garments that add elegance and dynamism to each look you want to recreate.

The possibilities are endless when you have creativity, therefore, Denisse Dabul advises her followers to buy stunning accessories that are all the rage with basic garments, this is the secret to looking trendy all the time and creating fascinating looks that are hard to forget.

2. The good use of the white shirt

It is an extremely basic garment, but super versatile that can get you out of trouble for any occasion, likewise, the white shirt can cause elegance, it depends on the lower part with which you can combine it.

The white shirt and t-shirt have multiple functionalities that instantly transform a look from casual to dressy. Denisse Dabul firmly believes in the proper use of the white t-shirt, she considers it an essential piece in every woman’s closet, you can accompany it with minimalist accessories that provide elegance and a lot of glamour.

3. The power of blazers and jackets

These garments have the versatility to make you look more sophisticated and interesting, they are vests that do not go out of style and evolve over time. The fashion influencer Denisse Dabul points out that the most incredible outfits are achieved thanks to blazers and jackets, especially those that are made of denim.

They are an exceptional ally to highlight your figure, not to mention that they magically transform a simple look into a very chic and renewed one. The key to wearing these garments with glamor is to find the size and shade that perfectly suits your silhouette, as well as your skin tone.

Through her Instagram account @denissedabul, the fashionista does not miss the opportunity to steal glances with overwhelming looks with blazers and jackets, she is not afraid to accompany them with shorts, leatherette pants and even jumpsuits that enhance her figure. In conclusion, Denisse Dabul is a true Latina with an abysmal talent for fashion.

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