Changan Auto is Consolidated in Venezuela with Three Vehicle Models

Changan Auto, an automotive company with more than 60 years of experience, entered Venezuela a couple of years ago, coinciding with the pandemic. This was not detriment to position itself in record time, reaching an interesting slice of the national automotive market, about 40% of the share.

Technology, safety and quality are attributes of Changan Auto, a corporation that sets trends and seeks to establish itself in the country with its 4 models: the F-70, which has been in Venezuela for nearly two years, and the new models Alsvin, CS15 and Benni, a range of vehicles that aspires to satisfy the expectations of the demanding Venezuelan consumer, eager for quality products.

Since 2020, Changan Auto has sold more than 1,800 units in the country with an investment of approximately 2.5 million dollars only in spare parts and generating more than 80 direct jobs and hundreds of indirect ones.

There are eight dealerships where the vehicles can be purchased: Caracas, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Acarigua, Barinas, Maracaibo, El Vigia, El Tigre and soon in Maracay. According to official information from the company that represents and imports the vehicles, in August the dealer network will have the complete portfolio of the brand’s products, offering an alternative for each type of consumer. A company with a history.

Changan has a presence in more than 60 countries, many of which are in the Andean region. Its production is leveraged in research and development centers in the United States, England and Italy. It produces more than two million vehicles a year under criteria of innovation and quality, in alliance with recognized global brands: Bosch, Isuzu, and Peugeot, among others. The technology it uses is advanced. It produces efficient cars in fuel consumption, therefore, higher performance; They are quieter and less polluting. They have digital boards, Bluetooth connection, security systems, steering wheel controls, sensors for lighting and extensive equipment.

In the world, Changan has 12 production plants and 32 in China. It has more than 5,000 patents and 110 awards for its latest generation projects. It has a 224-hectare test center, located at the headquarters of the parent company, where the units are subjected to adverse conditions in terms of speed, slopes, obstacles and different types of terrain.

Soon, Venezuela will meet the portfolio Changan Auto, Let yourself go! Let yourself be surprised!

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